Monday, July 26, 2010

Going to the village

So, this keyboard has all the keys but tis really sticky so not every key will come out.

Today was sort of a sad day because we got split up into our village training groups. The 50 or so people I've been with get split and sent to 3 villages tomorrow. I'll see them once in a while when we come into town, but this is goodbye for now. It's also a really exciting time because we're all meeting our host families tomorrow! I've been studying K'mai for about 3 days and hopefully I won't make a complete fool of myself. I know how to introduce myself, order food in a restaurant (as long as it has stirfry and rice), and the members of my family.

OMG the tv in the hotel lobby suddenly started speaking English. It's some HBO show with soldiers in either Iraq or Afghanistan that I don't recognize. This is blowing my mind right now and I've only been out of the country for a week. Two days ago, I caved and spent 4.50 on a burger. $4.50 american dollars is a fortune out here. Usually my meals are about a dollar. The money system here is really interesting. They use Cambodian riels interchangeably with american dollars, though if you flash anything bigger than a 10 they think you're rich. If you're not Asian, they also probably think you''re rich. Comparatively, you probably are. I cringe now when I spend over a buck fifty on food. The per capita gross domestic product here is less than $2,000. In America, it's about $40,000. That's how crazy the disparity is. Here, if you're rich you can get away with murder, though that happens in America too.

The soldiers are singing Jay-z. i miss Jay-Z. Write to you all in a week?


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  2. hi helen!! sounds like uve had a great time so far,and the culture difference seems very interesting hahaha...About the packages..are u settled into a set area yet where u can receive mail and such? and i assume the address on the left of this blog is the address to send stuff to?? ohh and any requests from good old US of A? =D