Monday, December 17, 2012

New Blog coming soon...


For those of you who subscribe to this or happen to check it out of the blue, I want to give a heads up that I'm developing a new blog. This blog was great for me. I loved posting to it and having an outlet for a lot of issues that touch me very deeply, but it is too raw to keep going. Now that I'm back in America, that style of posting would just be too volatile and I'm not ready for strangers to start leaving mean comments about things I really care about. I've wanted to be a "Blogger" for a long time now, but I also love writing off the cuff. This new blog will be my first attempt at blogging with a preplanned theme and actual editing before publishing. Maybe I'll even be a bit tech savvy and include photos, videos, and links (yea that crazy stuff). Tentatively the theme will be science-y things in our daily lives that we never think about. How important is that baby toe of ours? How does a person run?

Fun fact: The running/walking motion we're so used to thinking is a "voluntary" action can actually happen without any brain control. We can control it, but we really don't need to for it to happen.

I'm hoping that with all the crazy awesome things I'll be discovering in medical school next year that this blog will be at least a once a week affair. Stay tuned...

All the best (and Happy Holidays!)