Saturday, July 24, 2010

calling me

phone number on my blog, i have to pay 20 cents a min on a small budget so i probably wont call home. think about time difference and im usually busy from 7am to 8pm. it's free for me if you call and it wayy cheaper if you buy a phone card online or skype my phone or something. you can also email. i'll try to check for the next 2 nights. here are instructions:

My phone is pay per min so I will try to conserve money. I am most free on Sundays. That is my off day so i will be more likely to pick up, but remember I am half a day ahead of everyone so sunday afternoon your time is monday morning my time. This keyboard is so frustratinggggg. haha. it took me like half an hour to type these last two paragraphs.

luckily i have plenty of time because by 5:30 am jet lag woke me up. Jess, i totally understand how you feel now. It was so much easier as a kid when i could just sleep whenever i wanted until the jet lag went away. awesome. off to breakfast. i love the food so far. no big suprises. i did have a cricket yesterday. it just always makes me think of all those hours i spent in lab disecting them. icky. but it tastes pretty good, i prefer foods with less small parts though. I swear this blog will clean up soon. Correct spelling and all.

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