Saturday, March 24, 2012

You know you've been in a Cambodian village for a long time when...

  1. It starts pouring two hours after you just hung up your handwashed laundry to dry and you don't even bother trying to save it.
  2. The laundry sitting out in the rain right now is pretty much your entire wardrobe and you still don't care.
  3. You don't dare to turn on the light during a thunderstorm in case of "electrocution"  even though that means sitting in your room in the dark.
  4. You hide the fact that your cell phone is still on because otherwise people might blame the lightning strikes on you.
  5. You put on your running clothes because your host mom might make you run to the wooden shack in case your house gets blown over.
  6. You're tempted to leave your bike outside in the storm because it's like a free carwash.
  7. You resign yourself to no pee breaks until the rain is over because all the doors are locked and a giant tarp is blocking the front gate.
  8. Sitting in your room in the dark inspires you to start a blog post.

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