Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Noise complaints

In college, noise complaints were the bane of every party's existence. One noise complaint and campus police would come investigate. Warning lights would be flashed on an off. Red solo cups abandoned recklessly by the underaged. Pyramid formations suddenly became rectangles or a zigzag. Glass bottles hidden in old laundry. The only thing you couldn't hide were the 50 people packed in a 2 person dorm room.

These days I find myself wishing I could pick up a phone and call those police. Actual noise laws have the following benefits:

  1. Stops the neighbors from singing offkey karaoke at 6am.
  2. May stop your host sister's 6am alarm from going off at 5am.
  3. Preventing surround sound weddings (4 simultaneously in a circle around your house).
  4. No more need to worry that walking past the speakers will burst your eardrums.
  5. Funeral music from three doors down will not make you want to rip your hair out.
  6. No more groups of drunk men banging on a drum and singing in chorus at 3 AM. (outside your house)
  7. The Wat outside will not be blasting dance music into your room until midnight on Monday and Tuesday nights (my bedtime is around 8pm).
Right now, I'm sitting in my room with my earplugs in. The difference between now and before the earplugs is that now it sounds like someone closed a door on the crazy rager going on next to me, but it's not enough to keep my bed from shaking.

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