Friday, August 19, 2011

snippets August 18

I guess it’s about time for an update. Mostly same old same old. HC in the morning, classes in the afternoon. Things have been a bit crazier since Camp GLOW is coming up Sept. 8. We’ve had so many last minute cancellations and I’ve been chasing down parents signatures (not literally…yet). Here are some snippets from my life:

Today there was a kid at the HC and his mom was forcefeeding him coca cola. Apparently he drank motor oil and the coke is supposed to make him throw up…

Today my host mom held a bucket up to me and asked “Do you dare to eat this?” I looked in and there were these two snake/eel like things. In Chinese it’s called huang san. And I’m like “yea” Cause I’ve had it before. And she was like “wow you’ll eat anything.”

A few days ago, I had my HC director sign my vacation form cause I’m going to China in October. He asked me “ Oh, in September you’re going to Thailand right?” I replied, “No I went in July and came back already…”

Today, I taught my English class “All My Loving”. We’re on a song learning binge right now. Part of it is they have to fill in the blanks, first with guesses (sort of like mad libs), then by listening carefully to me sing (no speakers for my ipod). Unfortunately, sometimes we hear what we want to hear. So, one of the lines was “Kissing the __lips__ that I’m Missing”. For the longest time they could not get the word lips so I tried everything. First I asked them what do we usually kiss. They said “cheek” and “forehead”. Then I said what do we use to kiss? They ALL replied “Nose”. Eventually I just had to tell them that we kiss with our lips because lip to lip kissing is something they’ve only seen on tv. I think some of them thought it was a dirty song.


  1. lolol dirty song...
    vacation to China! visiting relatives? we should talk :( go online or something
    also, any pottermore news? all my friends have gotten in already... D:

  2. I miss you so much Helen!!!! I'll try to get your painting to you as quickly as possible (I can paint pretty quickly now but I've been painting other stuff for friends and teachers-as thanks for college recs). Also I will send more letters and emails, I promise.