Monday, June 27, 2011

fun facts

Things people hold in their hands while driving a moto or riding a bike:
-knives (yes, more than one)
-a saw
-a small hand axe
-a baby
-the hand of someone on a parallel moto, bike, and/or tuk tuk
-their moto helmet

Today, a drunk school director (from another school) attended my English class. He was recently in a moto accident and his wife wanted him to stop drinking to prevent future accidents. You draw your own conclusions.He said he is too busy to study English normally because of work. I think he's too busy because of all the stitches he's getting at the health center.

I had a dream that I had hair on my legs. I know unreal, right?

I have a mosquito racket, it's shaped like a tennis raquet, and it electrocutes mosquitoes. I kill at least 5 mosquitoes a day. And yet there are still more every time I come back.