Friday, May 27, 2011


So, today I met with my school director to go over my summer classes and my plan to visit each 10th and 9th grade class to personally tell them about it. Really, this is the only way I can get info out in my school. I requested to see the schedule. Turns out, they lost it. It took about an hour for them to run to the copy center across the street and find it on the computer. How does a school function if the Director has lost the schedule?

I think waking up in the morning is always hard for people. The bed is a comfy cozy safe haven. A place of relaxation and no worries. And yet, every morning i'm forced to leave it. Mornings are hard. Especially here since I could potentially choose to never get out of bed and no one would think that its strange. Some people spend the entire day in a hammock. Every morning I make the choice to put myself through things I would rather not do. Like be ridiculed for my accent for the 5000000000000th time.

I was working on a grant proposal with some fellow volunteers this past month and it got approved! Now the real work begins. I'm trying to keep my girls' empowerment club going and will amp it up from once a month to 4 times a week. Only problem is that I am not fluent in khmer. Big surprise there. It has been so hard to find a counterpart, especially a woman counterpart. That's not even with the criteria that they should speak some english. I just am not sure how I'm gonna pull off 4 times a week if we can't understand each other. Anyway, hopefully this will work and then it'll lead to Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). It's a 4 day camp for girls from 3 villages, we got the grant for this project. It won't take place until September so we have some time for planning, but time certainly does fly here.

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