Friday, February 11, 2011


Some Things I do:

Today my kmai tutor asked me to explain what a blind date was. To do that I had to go back and explain what dating was. This was interesting since it doesn't really happen here too often. Neither does going out to eat dinner or going for a coffee with the opposite sex. Sometimes I had to refrain from saying that in America it doesn't happen very often either, but I didn't want to confuse him.

I color. As in coloring books. Some volunteers/tourists from another NGo gave me some coloring books before I left. They said it was for the kids in the HC and I've tried to follow their wishes. So I started with the coloring books and pencils they gave me and I gave them to kids that looked bored. This did not turn out how I expected. First, kids that are under 5 years of age cannot successfully use something as long as a colored pencil, so I bought crayons. Secondly, parents/and some kids think that there is some skill necessary to color. Sometimes parents think their kids are doing it wrong and they do it instead. But really, I think it's because the mom's never get to do anything and they want to color too. Slowly, this project became "Helen Teaches how to Color!" Sometimes I get the elderly to do it. Now, they are insecure about coloring. Some tentatively pick up a crayon and then put it down. Some color a little and then walk away. Some go nuts. Now I've found that I have to very firmly give someone a coloring sheet. Then I need to walk away for a while. Usually the kids get it by then and some moms are getting into it. And its a small insider victory for me because girls and guys color the same stuff whether its Thomas the train or Sleeping Beauty. I'm working on getting some health related stuff but I might have to draw them myself. Those of you that have seen me draw know that it's a disaster waiting to happen.

I've been imaginarily practicing William Tell overture on my imaginary flute because I think my tongue is becoming lazy. I can't really speak properly anymore and I needed to give my tongue some exercise.

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  1. hahahaha! coloring! love it!
    too bad you didn't manage to inherit some of that artistic talent that kady somehow got...