Saturday, October 16, 2010


I keep putting heavy boring things on this blog because that's whats on my mind, but plenty of funny and cool things happen too!

Some time in the past 3 weeks, my  host mom shaved my face with a razor and I'm not talking about a razor with a plastic handle. It was just a razor. Luckily, she sent someone for a new one right before it was my turn so no risk of any diseases if i get accidentally cut. Originally, it was just to shave my eyebrows. Something I agreed to because I needed it. And she did a really good job with all the other girls. I told her that in America we pluck eyebrows all the time and we don't shave. Her reaction was that plucking hurts like hell and why would people ever want to do that? Which is very logical. Though having a razor next to your eye also seems to carry some risk. After she finished the brows, she kept going. I didn't know I had hair on my cheeks but they were shaved. She did my whole face, but really I couldn't see the difference afterwards. I don't think I had that much hair on my face outside of the eyebrow area to begin with, but clearly she thought it was necessary to remove it all. Will I do it again? Probably not the whole face shave. But the eyebrows, definitely.


  1. LOL. My eyebrows are very faint - like Mommy's, I think. Daddy's eyebrows are as bushy as ever...

  2. Helen Helen Helen!
    I forgot which email you prefer!!!

  3. oh no. please no more shaving. doesn't the hair grow in thicker?